About this space

I like creating online spaces. My first was at  www.yourspacecounselling.co.uk . It is dedicated to my counselling practice and my clients.

The next was Poetry Space at www.poetryspace.co.uk in August 2009. This has rapidly grown into a much respected space for poets to have their work on show. I know people enjoy it and that's fantastic. it is a big part of my life now. (It became a business dedicated to publishing and promoting poetry in 2010).

Poetry Space Competition needed a home and so I created a dedicated blog for it at www.poetryspacecompetition.blogspot.co.uk. It houses the PS competition archives of winning poems, judge's reports etc and I invite guest bloggers to send me inspirational articles to post.

Then there is Facebook - we have I think almost 500 members now and it keeps growing. This online space is used as a forum to discuss poetry, post poems and get feedback and it works well. Some lovely poets  are also becoming "friends of Poetry Space" and joining my scheme to keep my small press alive and kicking. At just £15 they get lots of rewards for their loyalty and I get a bit of cash in to produce books and keep the online spaces going.

Then there is Twitter....

However I suddenly started to feel that all these spaces are great and I absolutely love providing them but where is my space and I started to long for a simple white expanse of screen that was all mine to do as I wished with. It is finally taking shape.I have started a simple blog and all I plan to do is gradually fill it with poems for anyone in the world to come and read.

This feels liberating.  I'll be posting both older published poems and also some new ones now and again. Do as you will with them. Print them out if you want to, but always include my name please and let me know.

ABOVE ALL DON'T PLAGIARISE - you'll get far more pleasure from writing your own.

Please send in constructive criticism too.

Susan Jane Sims